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bioMy name is Deb Nelson R.N. B.S.N. I graduated from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 1993. I’ve worked in many different areas of nursing throughout my career and in many states as a traveling nurse. I hold a current Nebraska license as a Registered Nurse. I completed my training in Colon Hydrotherapy in November 2014 from Advanced Colonic Techniques School in Boulder, Colorado. I opened Wellness Within R.N. in March 2015.

My own journey to health and wellness began in 2007 when I acquired West Nile Virus. At the time I was Director of Nursing in a long term care facility and had just started an Executive MBA/Master of Health Care Administration program at University of Colorado School of Business. My goal was to be a hospital CEO.

Building Exterior
Building Exterior

However, that was not God’s plan for me.  West Nile left me with a headache on a pain scale 7/10, everyday for 2.5 years; frequently increasing in severity sending me to the emergency room for a shot to take the edge off. Additionally I had horrendous joint pain that made any movement miserable and fatigue so severe, I could only stay awake a couple of hours at a time. I was only 37 years old yet felt several decades older.

Subsequently, through many specialists, many doctors visits over 5 ½ years and many misdiagnoses I was found to have Celiac Disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and a Left Parietal Meningioma. (Brain Tumor.) I don’t begrudge this journey as it was the stimulus to help me find alternative treatment modalities. Most notably, being gluten intolerant led me to understand that EVERYTHING about health is related to digestion. EVERYTHING. Once I found that key, I saw considerable improvement in my condition.  I feel passionate that I can help others on their journey to wellness through education and detoxification through colon hydrotherapy.

Wellness Within R.N. is a member of I-ACT, the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy.

National Board for Colon Hydrotherapy.


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